Golf Links On-Course Facility. Discreet location of a shelter and w.c facility within a historic,sensitive and protected lansdape prompted a camoflaged tumulus approach, secreted all within a new sand dune.

A sympathetic and restricted palette of rustic materials and gorse and grass planting are applied to blend the whole organically into the natural landscape. Imported, salvaged floor-boards from decomissioned goods wagons provided wall linings and seat.

Building is approached through gorse to a grass carpet which directs to the lobby which has a view, throught the slot window, to Sugar Loaf Mountain in the distance. Gorse will grow to dominate and timbers will weather to further conceal and integrate.

Potential for internal mould-growth was a concern neutralised by combination of specifying anti-fungal paint, thermally performing constructions, cement render (rather than more susceptible gypsum) and humidity-activated extract-ventilation. This simple building successfully addresses a complexity of sensitivities.