Client Appointed Technical Advisors and Supplier as may be required (i.e. RIAI Work Stages 3 and 4)

Your project will require the input of certain professionals plus other technical contributions. The following is a guide to these.

Please note that your project, as a Domestic Project is divided into four Work Stages. Specific architect actions within each of the four stages are identified within the RIAI Agreement between Client and Architect for the Provision of Architect Services.

Work Stages 1 and 2 Relate to: Appointments, Project Feasibility, Concept and Design-Development Planning Permission

Work Stages 3 and 4 Relate to: Development of Working-Drawings, Ensuring Compliances, Tendering and Contract

Appointment of Contractor, Notifications, Constructions and Completions.

1. Bathroom Fittings Advisors/Providers

The choice of sanitaryware and bathroom fittings is an area where clients usually exercise personal taste. In due course the bathroom, toilets and en-suite will require to be fitted out with sanitaryware. MBDA will discuss your requirements and agree layouts with you. It is usually most fruitful for the client to then discuss the required bathroom sanitaryware i.e. with one or more Bathroom Fitting Advisers and Providers. The client’s detailed requirements and taste preferences within a defined budget (which will be arrived at in due course) can then be worked out. MBDA will be pleased to advise you and coordinate as required in respect of a reputable bathroom fittings (sanitaryware) adviser.

2. Kitchen Fittings Advisors/Designers/Providers

As with bathrooms the design of kitchens, utility rooms and work tops is an area where clients invariably wish to exercise personal taste. For this reason, following discussion of client requirement and definition of kitchen type and agreement of the kitchen layout, clients usually find it most advantageous to liaise directly with a kitchen designer. The agreed kitchen design can then be coordinated into the project. 3DA will be pleased to advise you in respect of reputable and competitive kitchen advisers/designers/providers.

3. Floor and Wall and Finishes Advisors/Providers

Floor finishes, whether timber, tile, vinyl, carpet, or other will have different thicknesses. In order to make for smooth transition between abutting surfaces/finishes it is necessary to consider the level and thicknesses in each area at an early stage. Sample finishes can be provided for client consideration or alternatively clients may choose to travel to showrooms to see wider selections of materials available to select finishes. The sooner materials are selected the smoother will be their integration into the project. MBDA will be pleased to advise you in respect of reputable and competitive floor and wall finishes suppliers.

4. Hard and Soft Landscaping

Hard landscaping (i.e. paving etc) and soft landscaping, (i.e. planting and bedding, lawns etc.) can be coordinated by 3DA with or without using a landscape specialist. 3DA will be pleased to advise you in respect of reputable and competitive landscaping contractors.